Fin-Web Online Transaction Platform

Online transaction platform inclusive of Mutual fund is ready.

To reduced the cost of transaction .

To acquire the clients which are not reachable by distance to serve ,easily manage their transactions on this platform.

Download : Fin-Soft Online MF Transactions Details

Kindly click on the link and do one transaction online.You will get all answer for the Mutual Fund Online Transaction.

  • You don't have LogIn details ,Kindly click on "NEW REGISTRATION".
  • The Registration Form will appear.
  • Kindly fill up the all * Details .
  • Bank a/c and joint holders as per your Demat A/c.
  • When Investor is registering himself ,Next Working Day he/she get activation status. (The details should be matched with your Demat A/c. Details.)
  • No paper work should be required.
  • Next day when Investor is receiving message from platform for client activation status, He/ She can able to transact online.

Transaction Process:

  • Investor can login the platform by secure User ID and PW.
  • He / She can select the schemes with option-Dividend Growth etc and Amount.
  • Multiple AMCs or Schemes transactions are possible.
  • By single click transaction request sent. Investor shall be get message from BSE to Credit Require funds(form Registered Bank A/c.) in BSE Bank A/c before time limit(for Equity 3PM). (Bombay Stock Exchange) (One or More AMCs in Single payment possible)
  • When Investor is transferring the funds in BSE Bank A/c. Next day HE/She are getting Units credited in the Demat A/c. mentioned in Masters.
    The same way Investor can select the scheme and punch for redemptions.
  • The Unit should be transferred in to BSE Demat A/c. and client's Bank A/c. Credited T+1,2,3 Method.
  • All the transaction will be in Advisor's ARN Code.(Enjoying all Brokerage and benefits as per Offline transaction Mode)
  • Advisors has not worried for the Payments Debits or Credits.
  • Advisor can do the transactions for and behalf of the clients.
  • Can Offer this platform even client is not present at Local station.
  • 100% Compliance Supportive module.
  • Final rights with Advisors to control the transactions.

    We are suggesting you to go for Demo transactions for better understanding. for all your Doubts.

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