Robo Advisory

Robo Advisory is an essential for IFAs.

Most of “Advisors” of the Financial Advisor are always insisting you for new client acquisition process to build-up a large size AUM.

How much (money/manpower) you are spending after new client acquisition?

How much conversion ratio you have after tired some meetings/phone calls/seminars etc.?

Even you convinced the clients (prospects) and at the time of transaction if you are not available physically “The Prospect” is moving to other “Advisor”.

These are the common factors for Financial Advisors/Distributers.

India is able negotiate in Economical manner with the strength of her Young generation population.

NRIs are also contributing the Indian Economy.

Tech sector Employee NRIs, Indian Residence and of any age are contributing the economy boosting.

How to attract them?

You require Technology.

You all have adopted Software services for Post Advisory, Why not for Pre-Advisory & Transaction Process.?

By Adopting this tool “ROBO ADVISORY” ,your client acquisition process is always ON 24 x 7 x 365(6).

Robo Advisory? What is my Value?

We Indians are always thinking for human touch.

To show your expertise value you shall provide combination of the Investment Patterns (Asset Allocation) by predefining bunch of the schemes.

Geographical Area

Universal Territory you can cover through ROBO ADVISORY.

What we are offering in this tool.

  • Client Registration Tool.
  • Collect KYC Documents or KYC Compliance copy.
  • You can collect client’s Goal/Requirements etc.
  • You can do Risk Profiling of the clients.
  • With above information Advisory shall provide Investment Solution with predefine combination of the MF Schemes.
  • Facility of Online transactions for MF in your own ARN Code (Entitled you to enjoying all Brokerage Heads. Trail/Upfront Incentives)
  • As Elite Club Members of FIN-SOFT, you are able to link with portfolio viewer tool.
  • Kindly Contact FIN-SOFT Team for Demo.

  Online Transaction

Online transaction platform inclusive of Mutual fund is ready.

To reduced the cost of transaction .

To acquire the clients which are not reachable by distance to serve ,easily manage their transactions on this platform.

Download : Fin-Soft Online MF Transactions Details

Kindly click on the link and do one transaction online.You will get all answer for the Mutual Fund Online Transaction.

  • You don't have LogIn details ,Kindly click on "NEW REGISTRATION".
  • The Registration Form will appear.
  • Kindly fill up the all * Details .
  • Bank a/c and joint holders as per your Demat A/c.
  • When Investor is registering himself ,Next Working Day he/she get activation status. (The details should be matched with your Demat A/c. Details.)
  • No paper work should be required.
  • Next day when Investor is receiving message from platform for client activation status, He/ She can able to transact online.

Transaction Process:

  • Investor can login the platform by secure User ID and PW.
  • He / She can select the schemes with option-Dividend Growth etc and Amount.
  • Multiple AMCs or Schemes transactions are possible.
  • By single click transaction request sent. Investor shall be get message from BSE to Credit Require funds(form Registered Bank A/c.) in BSE Bank A/c before time limit(for Equity 3PM). (Bombay Stock Exchange) (One or More AMCs in Single payment possible)
  • When Investor is transferring the funds in BSE Bank A/c. Next day HE/She are getting Units credited in the Demat A/c. mentioned in Masters.
    The same way Investor can select the scheme and punch for redemptions.
  • The Unit should be transferred in to BSE Demat A/c. and client's Bank A/c. Credited T+1,2,3 Method.
  • All the transaction will be in Advisor's ARN Code.(Enjoying all Brokerage and benefits as per Offline transaction Mode)
  • Advisors has not worried for the Payments Debits or Credits.
  • Advisor can do the transactions for and behalf of the clients.
  • Can Offer this platform even client is not present at Local station.
  • 100% Compliance Supportive module.
  • Final rights with Advisors to control the transactions.

    We are suggesting you to go for Demo transactions for better understanding. for all your Doubts.

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