Robo Advisory

Robo Advisory is an essential for IFAs.

Most of “Advisors” of the Financial Advisor are always insisting you for new client acquisition process to build-up a large size AUM.

How much (money/manpower) you are spending after new client acquisition?

How much conversion ratio you have after tired some meetings/phone calls/seminars etc.?

Even you convinced the clients (prospects) and at the time of transaction if you are not available physically “The Prospect” is moving to other “Advisor”.

These are the common factors for Financial Advisors/Distributers.

India is able negotiate in Economical manner with the strength of her Young generation population.

NRIs are also contributing the Indian Economy.

Tech sector Employee NRIs, Indian Residence and of any age are contributing the economy boosting.

How to attract them?

You require Technology.

You all have adopted Software services for Post Advisory, Why not for Pre-Advisory & Transaction Process.?

By Adopting this tool “ROBO ADVISORY” ,your client acquisition process is always ON 24 x 7 x 365(6).

Robo Advisory? What is my Value?

We Indians are always thinking for human touch.

To show your expertise value you shall provide combination of the Investment Patterns (Asset Allocation) by predefining bunch of the schemes.

Geographical Area

Universal Territory you can cover through ROBO ADVISORY.

What we are offering in this tool:-