Let Technology manage money.

Fin-Soft A complete Business process and solution on the WEB.

Portfolio reports on the web and easily accessibility through web or mobile for the clients.

For Advisors/Distributers to manage MIS and Brokerage management.

Technolgy Manage Money

Quality and committed team.

Established user base spanning IFAs, CAs, CFPs, reputed distributor houses, etc.

If you need a solid, resilient, fast, scalable and efficient transaction and database management platform, you have come to just the right place.

Research & Development : Fin-Soft maximizes the value & capability of the software through its own Research Team

Quality and committed team

Fin-Soft is fully committed & showing the consistency in the development / services.

It is inspired by depth of domain knowledge & personal involvement of the visibility of the management.

Online transaction platform inclusive of Mutual fund is ready.

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